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UV Long Arc Lamp Ballast

Ballast-3kW (PSUV Series)


ㆍ>90% Efficiency (at rated load)
ㆍ>90% Power Factor (at rated load)
ㆍCompact & Lightweight at the Same Class
ㆍReal Time Digital Monitoring
ㆍMaximizing the UV Lamp Lifetime
ㆍFull Digital Control Using a 32bit DSP
ㆍWide SOA(Safe Operating Area)


ㆍVarious UV Lamp Applications
ㆍConstant Control of Power & Irradiance
ㆍReduced Cost of Operation
ㆍCal. Remaining UV Lamp Lifetime
ㆍEasy to Use
ㆍCustomized Control Circuits
ㆍImproved Productivity

Protect Function

ㆍDisplay the UV Lamp Use Time
ㆍPrevention of Over-Voltage Conditions
ㆍPrevention of Low-Voltage Conditions
ㆍPrevention of Over-Current Conditions
ㆍPrevention of UV lamp Overheating
ㆍPrevention of Ballast Overheating


ㆍAnalog Interface
   : 0-5V, 0-10V, 0-20mA
ㆍDigital Interface:
   : RS485, RS232c, CAN, RS422, TCP / IP (Option)
   : Modbus, Device-net (Option)

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