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UV lamp electronic ballast is a device that supplies power and it determines to supply the UV lamp the effective and stable power. Depends on the ability of the UV lamp ballast, the efficiency of the UV lamp, noise, vibration, heat and the UV lamp life are determined. Thus, using the UV lamp electronic ballast which has good performance brings the maintenance costs down and efficient production capacity in the various UV application equipments, as well as the UV lamp life extension.

Magnetic ballasts have been used Just because the price is cheaper in entry-level UV equipments which do not require the detailed adjustment of power; however, recently high performance UV equipments require precision and stable quality control and therefore the use of electronic UV lamp ballasts are continuously being expanded with the development of electronic UV lamp ballasts. The compact and lightweight PSTEK’s electronic UV lamp ballast makes reductions of the installation space and facilitates installation of the equipment. In addition PSTEK’s electronic UV lamp ballast provides a variety control functions and the trip protection circuit. PSTEK’s electronic UV lamp ballast has provided the efficient interface, maintenance and the convenience of the product design for our customers.

Magnetic ballast VS.Electronic ballast

Lamp Changes after long time aging

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