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Flash Lamp Power Supply

PSTEK’s electronic flash lamp ballast is the only product in the country and is designed to maximize the product quality especially by adding the various parameters adjustment functions on the efficiency, power factor, size, weight, Interface, protection, etc.
Product Info
Various parameters can be adjusted for user’s needs

ㆍVa, Vp, Ia, Ip, Peak Power can be adjusted for user’s needs
ㆍOutput pulse width and frequency can be adjusted for user’s needs
ㆍEnsure uniformity → Quality improvement / Productivity improvement
ㆍPrecise improvement → Precision design for the purpose / Free process
ㆍTasks loss decreasing through real-time processing↓

[Energy irradiation]
Common UV Lamp power supply :The non-uniform light irradiation by typical frequency cycle
PSTEK :The uniform light irradiation through the adjstment of frequency width and pulse-width
Diversification of UV Lamp

ㆍThe wide operating area for the various specification of UV lamp

The moment of UV lamp replacement can be checked

ㆍUsage time display (Up to 30,000 hours)
ㆍUsage number of times of pulse display [Up to 300Million times)

Compact Size & Light Weight

ㆍMaintenance costs saving


ㆍUV curing & cleaning for LCD Films
ㆍHighly efficient light sintering
ㆍPrinted Electronics
ㆍIndustrial Water Treatment (BWMS)
ㆍSterilizing medical equipment
ㆍUV curing (coating / polishing / semiconductor wafers)
ㆍHigh Power Excimer Laser
ㆍFlash Lamp Annealing for LTPS TFT LCD
ㆍflexible display
more +

Protecting Function

ㆍDisplay the UV Lamp Use Time
ㆍPrevention of Over-Voltage Conditions
ㆍPrevention of Low-Voltage Conditions
ㆍPrevention of Over-Current Conditions
ㆍPrevention of UV Lamp Overheating
ㆍPrevention of Ballast Overheating


ㆍAnalog Interface: 0-5V, 0-10V, 0-20mA(0-5V, 0-10V, 0-20mA)
ㆍDigital Interface: RS485, RS232c, CAN, RS422, TCP / IP (Option)
ㆍProtocol: Modbus


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